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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. We’ve split our answers into three sections to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, these sections are Design, Hosting and Technical.

This is in addition to the content listed on our Homepage and our Brochure which you can download directly from our site.  If you do have any questions please reach out, we are here to help and advise, simply drop us an email to

Website Design FAQ’s

What is a Scroll-to-a-Sale website?

A Scroll-to-a-Sale Website cleverly takes your visitor through a buying journey by first building a connection with them and positioning you as a photographer who understands their needs. Our websites sell the benefits of your photography, creating the desire for your services and leading your website visitor to a simple call to action, such as to schedule a consultation call with you or book their session through your online diary. 

Can I make changes to my Website?

Yes of course, you can change your text, images, and media, making updates to your site content whenever you need to. We lock down your website frame design so there is no way you can accidentally delete or alter any of the main sections that would interfere with its fully mobile responsive layout. 

Will my website look different from other Photographers' Suite customers websites?

Yes,  although the Scroll-to-a-Sale format will always remain in the same order as this proven method of marketing produces the best results for online visitors. Our Website Configurator gives you options to personalise your images and content throughout.

In addition to this your website will be built with your own individual premium brand colour palette and selected font families too. Your Designer will add their own bespoke touch to your finished website,

What does the Branding Development Call involve?

First impressions really do count when it comes to your online presence, you only have a few seconds to make and impact with a visitor. People will judge you by the quality of your brand, the look, colours, fonts, message, and theme of your website have to all look and feel premium. 

During your Branding Development Call we’ll discuss the mood and the message of your website depending on the client type you are targeting.  Colour palette and the fonts that project a high-end premium look and really compliment your style of photography will be chosen together with your Designer. 

Do you help with my Photography Branding, I want to create a high-end Brand?

Yes it’s all part of our service, we help you with the branding, colour choices, and style layout for your website during your one hour brand development call. If you want something even more bespoke our Premium Plus options include exclusive live one-2-one website building with our Design Team.

What is the Website Configurator Portal?

This is your own private secure portal where you share your website content, simply upload the text and images you require for each section and page. When everything is uploaded to the portal we do all the complicated work building your website, customising it with your premium branding, colours, fonts, and optimising it so it is fully responsive across devices from mobile, tablets, laptops and desktop. 

Will I be able to create a Blog and regular posts for my website?

Yes of course, our Professional and Premium Plus Packages come with the choice of different Blog options. Your Blog Homepage is created to maximise the effectiveness of your Blog, encouraging greater readership and more sign-ups to your email list.


Can I use an auto-responder for email marketing and growing my email list?

Yes you can, in fact we recommend that you utilise email marketing autoresponders to grow your email list and inform subscribers every time you publish a new blog post or create a seasonal offer. You can choose from a selection of email marketing plugins available for WordPress.  (e.g. Sendin Blue; Mailchimp; Mailpoet).

Can I suggest Plugins with my WordPress creative design?

Yes you can use selected WordPress plugins you require for your website to operate as you would like it to. However, we will advice you which plugins are compatible with our system, as some plugins can affect the performance of your site.  If you require particular plugins you’d like installing on your website please discuss this with the Designer during your Branding and Development Call.  

Will my images be optimised for speed?

Your images will be optimised for your website during the build stage.  You will be advised how to optimise your images for future changes to ensure that your website is lightweight and efficient. 


How long does it take for my website to go live?

Once you have added all your content to the Website Configurator Portal, we will review your content to make sure it’s all correct, then commence your design and build process which takes around 7-10 days.  After your initial build an appointment will be made for your to approve your design before we can process the required domain settings.  Then we’ll do all the backend work, basic SEO, responsive settings,  website checks, add the SSL Certificate and ensure that your website is fully operational.  We aim to have your website live in approximately 5 days after approval.

Why don't you recommend having a Contact page on my website design?

Contact pages can be a backdoor for Bots, Website Hackers, spam, and junk emails. A good website should drive the website visitor to take action on the homepage by getting them to click on a Call-to-Action Button taking them to a form or an online Booking Calendar.

Contact pages are a very weak form of Marketing, forcing the visitor to travel to another page to complete a form, in the hope you’ll get back to them.

Does your Website Design include SEO?

Your website comes with basic SEO installed, we will also set-up and integrate the RathMath SEO Plugin and connect this to your Google onsole. We recommend all our users opt for our Premium SEO Service for just £249. This includes full optimisation and individual keyword research for your website. This is not a general one size fits all service, we research both short and long-tail keywords that are relevant to your niche and style of photography, your geographical location, and guarantee a RankMath SEO Rating of 90+ for your niche keywords. 

Can anyone help me with the content required? "I'm not very good at writing"

Yes we can recommend a fantastic Creative Copywriter,  Claire Bignal, who works exclusively with Photographers’. She understands our industry and also comes from a Marketing background too, so knows how to create awesome content that leads to a sale.  Claire offers a couple of paid options for Copywriting. In addition to this when you subscribe to our Premium Plus Service you’ll receive a one hour call with Jeff to help you craft your marketing message and get your content together.

Can I change my Creative Design layout?

Yes you are able to switch and migrate your Creative Design  Website should you wish to upgrade to one of our higher premium options. So, for example if you purchase one of our Landing Page packages and then six months later decide you’d like to upgrade to a Professional Website, the £199 Landing Page fee will be deducted from the cost of your website upgrade.

Hosting FAQ’s

What does the £25 monthly fee include?

Your fee includes the Maintenance, Hosting and Care Plan, for the coming month including daily backups, plugin updates, Licences for the coming month to ensure everything is running smoothly and your website is running an optimum speed.  

Your fees also include your SSL Certificate.  Your monthly fee is paid by Direct Debit, with the first payment due once we commence the build aspect of your website.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can Cancel your Subscription at any time by giving us one full calendar month’s notice to The Photographers’ Suite in writing.  There is NO minimum contract, however if you do cancel your website will be taken down at the end of the full calendar month period.  You cannot migrate your website to another platform. 

Does your hosting include email?

Yes even our most basic package comes with one email address as standard, plus our Professional and Premium Plus packages allow you to create multiple email addresses. This gives you the option to assign different addresses for different purposes or multiple staff members. For example, etc. 

In which country is my website hosted?

For extra Security and improved uptime, your website is hosted in seven different locations around the World including the UK, USA, Netherlands and Singapore.

Technical & Support FAQ’s

What technical and customer support will I receive from The Photographers' Suite?

We offer 24/7 Support to our Website Customers through The Photographers’ Support App.  In addition to this your Website is constantly monitored by our team.  So, if, in the highly  support to our website customers through The Photographers Suite App, in addition to this your website is constantly monitored by our team. So, if your website does go down or develops a fault, the team are notified within minutes via an App and will be able to rectify any problems before you are even aware of it.  

What happens if I have a technical issue with my website?

We advise that you Contact us directly through our Support App at any time.  The Support App is exclusively for the Photographers’ Suite clients only.  A member of the team will respond to you.  You can also email us direct at

What is your average up-time of your websites?

The uptime of our websites is a fantastic 99.97% average uptime over a measured month.  We utilise one of the fastest hosting platforms in the World, constantly upgrading hardware and software to provide an exceptional service. 


Does my website include an SSL Certificate?

Yes,  your website includes an SSL certificate which is automatically updated and renewed.  So, that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer Certificate known as an SSL Certificate is an online certificate that authenticates a Website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. An SSL Certificate is an important Security Protocol that creates a link between Web Server and Browser.

All Businesses and Organisations are required to have SSL Certificates attached to their websites to secure online transactions and to keep their customers online information private and secure.

When you are online always look for a green padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar; it indicates that the website you are visiting has an up-to-date SSL Certificate in place and the website is secure and protected.

Is my Website backed up anywhere?

Yes, we create automatic daily backups on all of our clients hosting solutions and they are kept for a period of up to 30 days and 7 days respectively, so your website can always be restored to either of these time frames should you require it.